297×420mm Canvas, Acrylic painting, Photography and some elements of the Earth

I designed this picture as the cover of the client’s catalog. We spent nearly four years searching and discussing their corporate identities and found the theme of “ELEMENTS”. It may look like this, but they are real estate company based in Japan.

After finished drawing, I’d photographed the canvas(複写) and converted it into digital-image for printing.

▼ Catalog Printing

Cover Print : Paper “Mermaid” (Takeo Paper)
Writing and Editing
Interviewing and Photos
They introduce our team in this page.
After printing the catalog, I presented the original drawings to them. My 'Brilliant Manager' prepared a nice acrylic frame for their office. So we were able to make it in time for their new office opening.
'BM'=「敏腕マネージャー」Anyway you should meet her, if you're struggling with self-branding ;)

Client (Logo Design* and Main produce): Freely Design Box Co., Ltd.
Our Branding Direction: Corporate Identity, Visual Identity, Catalog Printing, Web Designing, Web Ad, Photo-shooting, Interviewing, Writing and Editing

*We can propose branding reforms with existing logo.



We have prepared a contact form exclusively for Branding Design just like the above case.
We’re based in Tokyo, Japan. so communication in Japanese is desirable.